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Name Brandynette
Ort Graz / Österreich  
Gender Trans-Frau
Geburtstag 14-5-1984
Sternzeichen Porno Göttin
Profil #Sissy #Bimbo #Pornstar #Gamer #Brainwash #Spanish #German #English #Plant #humorwins
Interessen Menschliche seualität. Pornos. Video Spiele
Ich mag Pornorafie, Video Spiele, Inteligenz
Ich mag nicht Politik, Religion
Mehr über mich I cold take tons of pills to counter my jumpy thoughts, weird connection patterns, sleeplessness and lack of coherent word formation. writing is awesome cus i can coherently say everything. manic/hypomanic states.
science is awesome, spirituality also, they can go hand in hand. im looking for that. maybe i am that. Im not my body, stuff happens to my body, i can control, decide what and what not to feel/see/smell/hear/taste but if i lose an arm do i stop being myself, nope. as long as i dont die im just something else inside this body of mine.
i dont see myself in gender or species at all. Im an IT. ok yeah my body was male, i wanna look like girli [ im on HRT, so not 100% male anymore. nonbinary suits me best.
hear it comes, im not my body. that is the expression of myself. but i am a thing living inside it as a Consciousness [science for the soul if u wana call mr crabs ]
So in our brains. like all of them, every living thing as long as the biological machine is working, there is the subconscious. like 90% of animals. like little machines with a very specific set of behaviors, consciousness but on another level.
Then come dolphins, elephants, million others and our favorite housepets. their babies are but like a startup versions of our adult pets.
we teach them. the brain processes info, all the time from electrical impulses from the senses. but it doesn’t know what the fuck it is.
only with our consciousness can we say ok im pouring coffee in a mug in a causal universe (cause=reaction cus if not pouring cup of coffee would be a random event) or we would not be able to build civilizations but would get stuck with a stick on a doggy door or catxplode startled by a cucumber.
part of the universe. A Consciousness is a thing. unexplainable that lives inside the most complex biological formation in existence.
humans we are the best if we want to be responsible or not does not matter!! yeah, the universe is simpler for computers models than ur brains! We have untapped power inside there!
i think we are not insane or sick, except for extreme cases where the shitlord inside our ears does fuck up monumentally.
I think we have parts of consciousnesses that past generations dont really have or listen too, that we cant control jet. but we can learn how too, i know i have/
That’s what my 7th eye tells me. cus weirdly enough as i was opening chakras 1 by 1, avatar/naruto/dgb style to reach out, after all 6 body feels weird, suddenly the entire universe tries to flow back in. its exhausting.
Schizoaffective + Polytoxicomania {sober 1915}
pills make them controllable when i dose correctly.
I can sublimate pretty well my grandiosity, self confidence, “my ego is the original ego” thingy..
i am my type, nothing narcissistic about it.
So if u think ur ugly, ur not, ur just not your type, everyone has one. where one least expects it cus you dont know ur type until ur nose smells the genetic markes you are attracted too. perfume and deodorant makes u ugly, i like fresh showered human smelly.
Nothing surprises me. i can see shit that will happen in days or weeks and like play in my imagination to prepare
[future prediction] is basically “subject engages in risky or otherwise inadvisable behaviors” [awesome for dnd] or has some weird ass notion no one believes but comes true to get the “It your fault u jinxed it!” trai
My imagination never settled, i have the same imagination, with grown up bullshit, like the one as a kid. shit just kept growing inside there.
taking with others became hard cus i imagined objects and meanings i had no words for. Dreams mixed with realty cus i am forced to lucid dream 50/50 some part or all the dream during one night.
its horrible losing it mid way, nightmare pleasant dream? there is a difference?
My hypersexuality and doing stuff others won’t, risky behaviour and self confidence, so i made my hobby, like… well “jerking off to other people” into my career to make art. adult entertainment, i mean my content entertains me! and after honestly being noob, amateur, pornstar went by 2–3 years. got better, i discovered things my body can do my consciousness loves. had wonderful relationships, with others like minded who also love it like i do. i can tell from the counters on my profiles that all my fans a wankers. but enough i got a question!
Is there a place, where all love everyone no matter the race, color religion or sexuality?
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