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Name Crudelitas
Ort Vindobona = Vienna / Österreich  
Gender Transvestit
Profil I am a Transvestite girl living in Vindobona (original and correct Roman name for Vienna). I want to meet attractive, sexy, Transvestites and Transsexuals for friendship and sharing life experiences. I just want to have fun and enjoy life as well as make money in a way that is enjoyable.
Interessen Making friends with English speaking transgender people, Astronomy, Earth sciences, History, Archaeology, Camping, Festivals, Walking, swimming, cycling, jogging, cooking, computer, being a woman, dancing, singing, music, BDSM
Ich mag SM and being dominant
Ich mag nicht Ignorant people, bad manners, greed, selfishness, intolerance, stupidity, arrogance, narrow mindedness. ugly, hairy, masculine men, monotheists and religious fanatics and people who do not understand it is only mythology and legend. Professional Politicians, governments, judges, police and anyone trying to interfere in my life and trying to tell me what I can and cannot do or what is right and what is wrong
Mehr über mich I am an attractive bi-sexual Transvestite girl living in Vindobona (original and correct Roman name for "vienna")and come from the UK. I studied at Edinburgh University and have a B.Sc. Degree. Later I did a post graduate diploma in Technical Authorship and Communications. I have lived in Vindobona for over 30 years. I do speak German but much prefer English since it is easier for me and it is the international language of all people on planet Earth! Life in Austria is very difficult since it is not easy to get a good qualified job. Austrians are very nationalistic, overly proud (can´t understand why) especially as regards the language of the germanic barbarian hordes who wandered into Austria after the fall of the Roman empire. Should n´t you actually be speaking some kind of Italian ( from vulgar Latin) or Gaelic as your local national dialect /language ? Some of you don´t seem to live on the same planet as everyone else! I am actually a very nice guy / girl with a good sense of humour but have got a very cruel and sadistic side to me also and that´s why I love being a sadistic whip-wielding transvestite Domina and love to beat and torture ugly, masculine, macho bastards who make me sick! Uuugh! Yuck!

I want to make friends with sexy Transgender girls and share our lives together as well as help one another. I need nice and attractive feminine TG - girlfriends. Would anyone want to be my girfriend?
I don´t want to meet ugly male cross-dressers or men who think they are transvestites but who just are too masculine and who look ridiculous and grotesque with their hairy, gross, gorilla bodies!
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