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Name casielie
Ort bamberg / Deutschland  
Gender Transgender
Geburtstag aug-75
Sternzeichen leo
Profil are ya gonna go my way????
Interessen girly stuff
Ich mag girly stuff!!!
Ich mag nicht weirdo creeps on the train
Mehr über mich I"m american and have been living here in germany for about eight years. I speak german pretty good but am too lazy to sit here and type, type, type and then wonder later "oh darn, have I typed everything correct??" Anyways, I love to dress up and feel slutty. I"ve been dressing up oh, gee, long enough now but I have never done it with anybody else and would like to have some fun. I"m not into wierdo creepy types who never get laid but, for more into easy going girlies who are more expierianced than I am. Passive? Yes!, Dominant? Maybe.. and safe? Yes! yes! yes!!! Men are also ok so long as they are not hairy. No, hate body hair. So, send me an email and I"ll get back to you. Hugd and kisses, casielie.
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