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Text: Bridge to Brisbane - teaser
Fotoalbum: Salzburg August 2002
Bilder vom langen Wochenende in Salzburg
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Bridge to Brisbane - teaser

Suddenly my instincts were there, all of them, I wanted to kiss those wonderful lips, pat that gorgeous face, dive into those fascinating eyes, feel her breath on my neck, taste her skin and be drunken by her aroma. I hadn’t felt these emotions for a long time, and now they felt so good.
“Well let’s pay the bill and leave.” Alice finally said.
After we had left the restaurant it was Alice who was responsible for all actions. “Elaine, I want you.” She declared.
“And all I want is you right now.” was my reply.
“Okay we will pass by your hotel and you stay at my place tonight.” she explained. “You get something to wear tomorrow from the hotel, and then we’ll drive to my place.”
She followed me into the hotel and we went to my room, I opened the door and suddenly Alice’s lips were stuck to mine. I felt weak, I felt as if I was going to suffocate. Then I could feel her hand caressing my breast, the other one pinning me to the wall. I was wet with excitement as I realised that my hands were all over Alice, it felt good, it felt right and it certainly was hot. Finally her lips pulled back. My knees were weak and she looked me deeply in the eyes. “You surprise me!”
“Why?” I ask meekly.
“You haven’t got a girlfriend either I hope?”
“No, I have been alone for nearly a year.” I replied “Have you got a girlfriend?” I asked with all my courage.
“No, Sam left me half a year ago.” She returned.
Again our eyes collided, fire, heat, and passion was all I could feel I wanted this woman like I had never wanted a woman prior to her. She was undressing me and I let her do so, because all I wanted to do was the same. We stood there in the hotel room naked she looked over me and I looked over her. Sparks were flying around the room. We stepped closer to each other, as the room was filled with fire. She touches me and I touch her we are lost. Emotions take over our senses we kiss, hug, and caress one another. We fall on the bed, I can feel her in me, driving me closer to an orgasm and I can hear her breathing hard, I think that she will be with me soon, I scream and am unable to control the rapid spasms. Soon I can hear Alice she moves uncontrollably moans loudly and soon regains her conscience and her breath. She moves closer to me we lay there holding each other in the afterglow. We lie on the bed and she turns her face toward me, I can feel her breath, I pat her face with the back of my fingers. She smiles and so do I.
“You are one hell of a woman, Elaine.” Alice finally whispered.
“And you aren’t bad yourself!” I said regaining my breath.
We lay there in the arms of each other. Feeling content, happy and familiar, I like what I feel and I look at Alice, and in those green eyes I can see an ocean, and in that ocean I am lost.

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