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Text: Coming Out (deutsche Version)
Diesen Text hab ich an Kolleginnen und Kollegen versandt
Text: Coming Out (englische Version)
Diesen Text hab ich an Kolleginnen und Kollegen versandt
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Coming Out (englische Version)

Dear Colleagues,

In few days an important step which touches you more or less immediately queues for me. I’m sure, that you have already heard about the “Phenomenon” Transsexualism or Transgender. Since my youth I know that I am concerned directly by it. The first signs go back till my earliest childhood. There followed phases in which I tried to insert the trans-identity in my life and times, where I tried to suppress it.

Meanwhile the internal strain became so big that was left for me only as a way out to put me to the situation. Therefore I will form in future my life as a woman.

All the medical stuff is going on. Besides a psychotherapeutic monitoring, a lot of examinations are necessary. At the end of this procedure I’m undergoing the gender reassignment surgery. A couple of weeks ago I started the hormone treatment. An important issue is the so called “Real Life Test”. The description “Real Life Experience” describes it quite better. In this phase I should figure out, if I can live in the desired gender role. I already started this period in January this year. My private environment – close friend, my family and the kinship – is still informed.

Now it is so far that I will also appear in the occupation as woman. Someone of you maybe recognizes some changes on me. Next week I’m on vacation. After that I will start to work as Heike. This will be my new first name. You can surely imagine that it is not especially pleasant to be demanded with a male first name, although everything other looks very feminine. Therefore, I ask you to use my new first name from this day. This will be August 20. I know that this will be not easy for you, since most of you know me for years as man.

I tried to summarize my situation with a couple of words. Of course it’s not possible to assume to all details of transsexualism. You can find a short Q & A at Also the entry at Wikipedia provides you good information -

Because I was quite brave for the last time, especially with my appearance, I won’t send you pictures of me. If you want to get an idea of what happened then have a look at There you can find some, of course no current, images.

So far, all persons I informed about my situation can accept it. I hope you can also understand my way for the future. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate. You can ask every time. I will try to answer as good as possible.


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