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Bilder Virtual FFS (dynamisch)

Diese Bilder bestehen immer aus dem Original und den einzelnen Veränderungen durch die Künstlerin. Für mich war das extrem wichtig um zu entscheiden, ob ich mein Gesicht durch eine OP verweiblichen lasse oder nicht. Was glaubt ihr habe ich entschieden?

Mit der Maus einfach über die Texte (Original, Haare/Augenwülste, Nase, Oberlippe) fahren, damit die Bilder sich ändern.

Front:    Original   Haare/Augenwülste   Nase   Oberlippe
Bild: FFS_1 

Schräg Links:    Original   Haare/Augenwülste   Nase   Oberlippe
Bild: FFS_1 

Rechte Seite:    Original   Haare/Augenwülste   Nase   Oberlippe
Bild: FFS_1 

Man schickt drei Originale zur Künstlerin und sie sendet die veränderten Fotos nach ca. 4 Wochen und eine Empfehlung für die OP zurück.
Und was habe ich getan? Keine lange OP, sondern nur die Haare von hinten nach vorne verpflanzt. Also nur die Haarlinie und den Adamsapfel ein wenig abschleifen lassen. Letzteres deshalb, weil er zwar auf den Fotos nicht sichtbar war, aber in Wirklichkeit schon recht herausgekommen ist.
Ohne diese tollen Fotos, hätte ich das nicht so leicht entscheiden können. Wobei so leicht war das auch wieder nicht.

Ich war sicher keine FFS zu brauchen, habe aber trozdem Dr. Suporn gefragt, ob er was tun würde. Seine Worte waren sinngemäß:
Ich kann da nichts verbessern, nur schlimmer machen. Ich soll in 10 Jahrne zum Face Lift wieder kommen. Er freut sich, mich dann jünger aussehen zu lassen.

Hier noch die Empfehlung der Künstlerin (leider nur in Englisch):

Please remember that these virtuals are not and could not be 100% accurate but I hope they will give you a good idea of the possibilities and take you a long way towards planning how best to proceed.

The eye takes a little while to tune-in to facial changes so you may be disappointed at first glance. It is best to spend a few days getting used to the pictures before you make any decisions. This is particularly true for you because some of the changes look quite subtle.

I am sending you 3 sets of pictures. The first set (a) shows hairline correction and forehead recontouring. The second set (b) includes rhinoplasty and the final set (c) includes a lip lift.

The height of your hairline in the middle is fine but you do have some recession in the corners giving your hairline the masculine "M" shape. I have filled in the corners to give your hairline a more rounded and feminine shape and this can be achieved with a scalp advance or hair transplants. If you have forehead work then it probably makes sense to have a scalp advance as both procedures can use the same incision. You can always have some transplants later to finish the job and hide any scarring if necessary. If you don't have any forehead work then I would recommend the transplant route as they are less invasive.

You have moderate bossing over the frontal sinus and a little less over the orbital rims. I have set back the frontal bossing and shaved down the orbital rims to bring your forehead into normal female ranges.

Your eyebrows are very nicely shaped and sit in a naturally high feminine position. I do not think you need a brow lift.

I don't see any notable problems with your eyes or the soft tissues around them.

Your nose is narrow and fairly symmetrical but from the side it has a humped bridge and a tip that points downwards. I have lowered the bridge to remove the hump and I've given it a fairly straight profile. I have also shortened the tip and given it a gentle turn-up by angling the base upwards. I think it is important that you don't feel that there is something "wrong" with your nose or that the hump is a fault. In fact the hump is a natural nose shape for women from certain ethnic groups and if you feel attached to your nose, perhaps because it is a family trait, than by all mean leave it as it is. Your face is feminine enough that you have the option to keep your it the same. The rhinoplasty does feminise but it is not really a case of taking a masculine nose and making it feminine, it is a case of taking a fairly normal, female nose and taking further into female norms.

You have full and rounded feminine cheeks. I do not recommend any changes.

Your lips have a nice soft feminine shape though technically the distance between your top lip and the base of your nose is a very slightly longer than perfect. You could correct this if you wanted to and I am sending you and extra set of pictures showing the correction. I personally don't feel that it is worth doing because it seems to me the little you gain in femininity, you could easily lose because of the scar it leaves under your nose. I feel it looks "different" rather than "better". The correction is more about raising the top edge of the lip more than pulling the whole lip up - this shortens the distance between the lip and the nose but doesn't move the opening of the mouth up much.

Your chin is small with a fairly rounded shape and is well within normal female ranges. I don't recommend any adjustments. In one shot you sent me where you are smiling, there is a slight squareness to your chin but chin surgery has a lot of complications associated with it like numbness in the chin and bottom lip and reduced mobility in the bottom lip. These effects can last for months and can sometimes be permanent to some degree so I am not convinced it is worth shaving off these corners for a relatively small gain - especially in the context of such a feminine face.

Your jaw is narrow and fairly delicate and well within normal female ranges. I do not recommend any changes.

Adam's apple:
I don't see an adam's apple problem in these pictures.

It can often be more difficult to decide what to do for people like you who already have a very feminine face because you are often looking at the full trauma and risks of surgery with only relatively small gains to be made. I feel that the hairline correction and forehead recontouring are the most important feminisations. The nose helps too but is more optional and can be left to your personal taste. The lip lift is very optional and you need to balance the risks against the gains.

Try to see the pictures as plans rather than predictions. They are just a starting point and neither you nor your surgeon has to agree with my suggestions. I think the hairline, forehead and nose do feminise your face enough to be worth considering but I don't think you need to see FFS as essential - it is an option for you to consider.

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